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Emergency staffing support

Circular Wave are committed to supporting emergency staff requirements, such as those which may arise from the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Our platform and our team are on-hand to support our clinicians, administrators, health organisations and the wider NHS however we can.

Currently, it’s impact is unknown but in many of the likely scenerios it will result in thousands of additional hospital admissions, on top of an already over-stretched NHS. This will have serious implications for all aspects of the health service, be it acute care or community health, and additional staff will be required to meet the demand and to cover healthstaff who become ill.

Our staff bank solution is designed around this precise problem: managing and utilising flexible or temporary healthcare workers at short notice. It can be rapidly deployed for a single site or entire organisation, onboard clinicians in minutes and, using configurable workflows, match complex clinical processes to manage your workforce, be it 10 or 1,000 members of staff - and without compromising on patient health.

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Use Circular Wave to instantly onboard and manage temporary and flexibly-working healthcare staff, without compromising on patient care

  • No project team, additional resources or infrastructure requirements

    Setup can done entirely remotely via standard configuration forms and teleconsultations. We handle full configuration and deployment through our cloud and web-based infrastructure. Staff are self-onboarded and supported by us.

  • No up-front cost. On our subscription model only pay for active users

    Our solution is provided on a “pay as you go” subscription model, whereby we charge per user instead of a flat rate. You can increase or decrease usage on a monthly basis to de-risk and speed procurement.

  • No lead time. Start today and be live within 48 hours

    Configurable and intuitive workflows for all HR processes (such as compliance, shift management, timesheets and payroll) can be configured in hours, not weeks, to match stringent business processes. Users can be live in minutes with intuitive self onboarding

  • No on-site presence required

    We can provide and support you through entirely online awareness and training campaigns to get users engaged and onto the system, meaning we have no requirement to come on-site. We can work closely but remotely to optimise our solution for you.

For all enquiries or to request a demo contact [email protected] or give us a call on 0333 987 4045.

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