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Transforming systems and integrating care

Helping health and care organisations optimise their workforce, business processes and technologies

Increase workforce capacity

We are a tech-enabled workforce management platform proven to increase workforce capacity and reduce administrative overhead. By working together, we empower and engage staff. We embrace changing working arrangements

Pioneering integration

Effective information sharing is our core principle. We pioneer interoperability through open APIs, unrestricted data access and a market-leading integration suite.

From rostering systems, to finance department, medical registrations and every third-party in between, we will always prioritise automation integrations to enhance efficiency of the overall network and your processes

Driving development

We partner with organisations to provide the tech which best embeds and improves their systems and processes. Our devoted development teams and continuous product development ensure our impact is big and lasting

Support The Long Term Plan

We support the reduction in expenditure and enhance productivity through digitalisation and interoperablity. Our technology enables restructuring from a single ward to Integrated Care Systems and Sustainable Transformation Partnerships. We enable organisations to redesign and transform processes, to use the latest technologies to move themselves forward.

Maximise ROI

With a proven 8.5 times R.O.I. for our staff bank solution, our financial impact is transformative. We leverage the latest technologies to build efficient and scalable solutions which adds the most value to the organisations in which we operate.

Find out how we can support heath and care providers with their response to COVID-19

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