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Integrated care system development fund

Development fund for integrated care systems to pioneer digital technologies to accelerate their development

Circular Wave have announced a £100,000 integrated care system development fund for ambitious Sustainable Transformation Partnerships (STPs) and Integration Care Systems (ICSs) who want to pioneer technology to accelerate their organisational development, system integration and workforce optimisation.

Example projects

Real-time Workforce Intelligence and Insight System

Workforce Planning and Management System

Vaccination Workforce Management System

System-wide Training and Development Programme

Staff Passporting and Collaborative Bank System

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STPs and ICSs are ideally placed to address the workforce and workload pressures facing the NHS as it responds to Covid-19 and beyond. Digital innovation is critical to enable integrated care systems to effectively manage and coordinate fragmented workforce across their region more effectively.

Despite this, funding for new system-level projects remains a challenge which restricts the pace at which systems can develop. STPs and ICSs have enormous mandates and are responsible of the health and care needs of millions of people and the productivity of tens of thousands of staff. System leaders and managers have good ideas on how to integrate services, drive collaboration and facilitate new ways of working but often don’t have the tools to make this happen.

Circular Wave are healthcare solution specialists who have delivered innovative digital solutions that are successfully addressing workforce challenges in hospitals. We believe we can also make a big difference in systems and have committed £100,000 to make this happen . Our fund is aimed at giving back to the NHS, helping it to sustain services and helping staff deal with the effect of Covid-19 and beyond.

By investing up to £100,000 of our healthcare and technology resources we are committing to deliver innovative technology solutions which will faciliate system-level workforce initatives like staff passporting systems, training and development programmes and system wide medical management systems.

During each project, we will work closely with systems leaders and their teams to identify, design, trial and deploy innovative digital solutions for their biggest challenges. The aim is to provide system-level capability to address the key workforce issues wich affect recruitment, rentention, absenteeism and agency dependency.

Together, we will help embed the good things that have emerged from the pandemic like more integrated ways of working and new integrated patient pathways. At the end of the project there will be an independently evaluation to assess it's impact and a case study will be produced.

STPs and ICSs are critical to the continued success of the NHS. Workforce and workload pressures were unsustainable before the pandemic and the additional strain that has been put on health and social care staff is now a major concern.

The drive to integrated care systems combined with new technology and innovation has given us a chance to address these issues head-on. We believe smart investment now in ICSs and STPs, will have a profound future impact on the NHS.

Project eligibility

Must utilise digital technology

Must be aimed at system integration working across different providers

Must be focused at workforce optimisation and productivity improvement

Organisation eligibility

Only available for NHS organisations and systems

Working across multiple providers or provider types

Working at a system-level

We will be accepting interest for multiple projects of up to £50,000 of our development resources until 31st Dec 2020 and projects will start in early 2021.

Contact [email protected] for more inforamtion and to register your interest.

For more information or to request a consultation,
contact [email protected]

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The Priory Group

We partnered with The Priory Group to build a national staff bank of nurses and HCAs. This has seen them reduce agency usage by 60% and substantial financial savings whilst providign new insight into agency usage and recruitment requirements.

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