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Configurable and interoperable cloud-based workforce management applications built for healthcare and tailored for you

Circular Wave offer a broad range of cloud-based workforce management applications for healthcare organisations. These applications include highly configurable solutions for staff onboarding, management, rostering, engagement and wellness monitoring for all staff groups.

Our apps help teams, departments and organisations increase productivity, reduce costs and improve the quality of care they provide. Each app is designed and built to maximise its usability, interoperability and configuration to enable transformation and continuous improvement for every users.

We have built our healthcare application suite in collaboration with the NHS and the private health and social care sectors to pioneer cutting-edge digital technologies. We have powered a wide variety of workforce management and operational processes which are suitable for complex clinical environments.

Healthcare application suite

Healthcare providers face a range of workforce challenges, from recruiting people with the right experience and qualifications to staff retention and avoiding reliance on expensive agency staff.

We provide a full suite of applications which help solve workforce challenges. From recruitment to engagement to retention, our apps empower managers and clinicians to communicate more effectively and to improve the management and allocation of workforces.

Each app has been developed in partnership with healthcare providers and using our technical and healthcare expertise. Apps are configured for each organisation and we work with our partners to ensure we adapt and optimise the solutions for their specific requirements.



Roster your entire workforce with our highly configurable digital roster solution. E-roster helps health organisations maximise the efficiency of managers and clinicians. It provides a complete view of staffing across sites and enables rapid allocation and staff response. E-Roster helps improving communication and allocation of resources.

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Staff Bank

Build and harvest a flexible working staff bank with our agile staff bank solution. An effective staff bank solution enables an organisation to attract a new staff demographic, increase retention and fill vacant shifts with their own staff. This helps reduce reliance on agencies, saving money, raising staff morale and improving the quality of care in the process.

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Agency Management System

Our Agency Management System optimises and automates the selection and management of agency staff. Reducing the administration burden means workforce managers have more time to spend on recruitment, engagement and retention.

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Instant Pay

Instant Pay enables instant payment of your staff without disruption to payroll or cashflow. Money in their bank before they reach the car park - which is proven to drive staff engagement and retention.

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Wellness Monitoring System

To understand the mental and physical health of staff and to be able to provide the necessary support, health organisations need to monitor the wellbeing of their staff in real time. Our highly configurable wellness monitoring system provides organisations with the tools they need to monitor staff wellbeing.

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Staff Engagement App

Our Staff Engagement App acts as the single point of contact between health organisations and their staff. From viewing their roster, apply for extra shifts, retrieving a reward and completing a CPD module, the app uses latest technology in user interface and integration to enable all administrative tasks to be accessed via the Staff Engagement App.

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Workforce AI

Circular Wave are pleased to announce the release of Workforce AI which consolidate our pioneering workforce management analytics, insight and prediction modules.

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All Comply

We can now support healthcare staff to sign and manage all the legal documents between themselves and employer through our platform.

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VCOD Certification Compliance

Everything heath providers need to manage and verify staff vaccine compliance by 1st April

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Key features

Configurable solutions

Each application is highly configurable so that every provider or team can make it their own. We work proactively and in collaboration with our customers to customise and improve the solution for their specific needs.

We encourage feedback and request it from managers and clinicians so that we continue to provide the best solution possible. Our devoted development team work constantly to add features and improve each app so that our customers can adapt to, improve and exploit new opportunities.

User friendly

We pioneer latest technologies and approaches in product development to ensure all of our apps are as user friendly and intuitive as possible. We have a team of designers, UI and UX specialists who take responsibility for engagement with our apps.

The health sector has always been underserved when it comes to technology, and without alternatives to clunky enterprise software many technology projects have failed because of un-usable interfaces. This is why we are different: we build the user experience into every step of our apps.

Pioneering interoperability

Each of our applications are built following an interoperability-first approach. This means they are designed to work with other systems in complex IT networks. Automated integrations with other systems (and other providers) are configured using our extensive and well-document API suite which follows OpenAPIv3 standards and our development team build bespoke integrations into less accessible systems.

Modular applications

Each application is built as a modular application so that is can be used in isolation or in collaboration with other applications. They can be added and removed to complex IT network with minimal impact. They can work alongside other legacy or existing apps to improve the whole network.

Rapid procurement

From the initial consultation to deployment, we can be live within 48 hours. Our apps can be procured via standard procurement frameworks or by direct awards following a free, time-limited pilot. We encourage three-month pilots to de-risk procurement and support business cases. We can be procured via the Crown Service Procurement's G-Cloud catalogue and COVID-19 response and NHS England's Health Systems Support Framework.

Instant deployment

We handle deployment and hosting through our cloud- and web-based infrastructure which can be live instantly. Applications are openly available and accessible via standard PC web-browsers and mobile app stores.

We work with our partners to provide onboarding expertise to get users onto and using the system with self-service onboarding workflows and off-line marketing campaigns. We have no on-site requirement but provide agile support as required. With all apps, we aim to achieve 98% engagement and client satisfaction within two weeks of deployment.

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Health providers using our apps

County Durham and Darlington Foundation Trust

Since 2018, we've been working with CDDFT to build and develop an agile workforce deployement system. For their staff bank of 600 doctors, managing 1000 shifts a month, and streamline their use of a LET bank and agency staff.
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The Priory Group

We partnered with The Priory Group to build a national staff bank of nurses and HCAs. This has seen them reduce agency usage by 60% and substantial financial savings whilst providign new insight into agency usage and recruitment requirements.

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