Supercharge your existing staff bank

Fill temporary vacancies in minutes, not days. Create jobs with just a few touches, and all available and eligible staff will be alerted immediately. Circular Wave is proven to maximise your internal fill rate.

Extend your reach

Once you're up and running, realise the full potential of Circular Wave by seamlessly engaging with individual workers external to your organisation. You can do this even more rapidly by unifying staff banks with any of your chosen partner organisations with a "digital handshake" within the app.


When a staff bank or agency worker cancels a booking out of hours, the process of finding a replacement doesn't start until offices reopen the next day.

But Circular Wave never sleeps. Relevant people are instantly alerted of cancellations, and a new request is automatically sent out, minimising the chance of any disruption to service delivery.

No more chasing

Circular Wave maximises vacancy fill rates by sending reminder notifications to all candidates who haven't yet responded to job request.

This is done intelligently, avoiding "notification overload" and disengagement.

Know where you stand

See instantly how many candidates your request has been sent to and how many have read it. Declines and accepts are updated in real time with no need to refresh.

Gain valuable insight

Have particular vacancies that are often difficult to fill? Now you can find out why, using this information to engage with your temporary workers, identifying and addressing problem areas and staff concerns.

Compliance assured

All interested parties can see a shortlist of applicants, with deeper access to job history and compliance. Get the people you trust, with no more faxes shuffling backwards and forwards - everything is in the app.

With real-time checks against the Disclosure and Barring Service, criminal record checks are accurate up to the second - not a 10 month old piece of paper.

Complete transparency

Circular Wave means an end to the "hidden negotiations" between agency and worker that are responsible for escalating rates and commissions. You set the and fix the rates - and they simply can't be broken, ensuring compliance with internal and Framework rates.

Rapid payment Coming soon

Waiting 2 payroll cycles to get paid for extra shifts just isn't acceptable to many workers - agencies know this and do daily or weekly pay runs.

Level the playing field with Circular Wave - pay staff within seconds of timesheet approval using our Rapid Payments module.

Start saving now

No currently available solution, or combination of solutions offers what Circular Wave does. Becoming agency free won't happen overnight, but the path starts here.

See what savings you could achieve when Circular Wave is used at scale, and the proof that it works.