All services come with a 90-day free trial with free on-site onboarding assistance.


per user / month
Circular Wave Core includes
  • On-demand temporary shift management
  • Manage local or regional banks of any size
  • Manage multiple sites per organisation
  • Real-time candidate search
  • Real-time reporting
  • Fully auditable history - see every candidate interaction
  • In-app timesheets and dispute resolution
  • Fraud prevention - geolocation confirmation of attendance
  • EWTD compliance with support for custom breaks policy
  • In-app appraisals
  • Live checks with GMC, HCPC and NMC
  • Rewards & incentive programmes


per user / month
  • E2E compliance management
  • Rapid payments (coming soon)
  • Automated rostering (coming soon)

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Circular Wave comes with a free 90-day trial for an unlimited amount of users.

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