Our mission

Our mission is to eradicate inefficiencies in healthcare through innovation and technology.

The healthcare sector is way behind the curve when it comes to the software it uses, being shackled by the bloated and outdated desktop software packages in widespread use. Much of it simply doesn't work in practice, hindering rather than helping those who use it. We think that organisations need to look to the future and reap the benefits of the mobile technology that is literally changing the world as we know it.

We will create high impact products and services, radically altering both clinical and non-clinical workflows. We will eliminate waste and save money, delivering the same seamless experience that the best consumer apps do.

We will never make assumptions, instead basing our decisions on real data and analysis. We will iterate our products rapidly based on customer feedback, working with them at every step of the way until everything is perfect, expertly tailored to real-life use cases.

We will build the software that the healthcare sector deserves.