Frequently Asked Questions



We use the term "Candidate" to refer to any worker registered with Circular Wave.

Is Circular Wave an agency?

No, we are a software company. We provide a highly advanced, mobile-centric bank and agency staff management platform which allows NHS organisations to communicate directly with any Candidate, whether a member of their own staff or from another organisation. "Cutting out the middleman" at scale is highly desirable and makes financial sense - but until now was not feasible due to paper processes and the administrative burden involved.

Virtually all NHS Trusts currently maintain a staff bank, with varying degrees of success. We believe that intelligent use of internal bank staff, bank unification and mass direct engagement - facilitated by great technology - could reduce agency spend to zero.

If you are not an agency, how can you supply staff to the NHS?

We do not supply or recruit any staff - you do, by inviting your existing bank staff to sign up. Your pool of available staff can be expanded by directly engaging with external Candidates via the platform and unifying banks with other organisations.

If that sounds like a lot of work for your HR department - it isn't. See the Onboarding section for more details.

Is Circular Wave a "managed service?"

No. Managed services are provided by agencies, and usually lock an organisation into a "master vendor agreement". The agency provides an on-site team to manage both bank and agency requests.

But managed services are flawed - an agency can never be truly transparent and impartial. We are not an agency. Circular Wave replaces middlemen with technology, and gives organisations complete transparency through true direct engagement. There can be no upwards pressure on rates and there is no commission. Provided sufficient Candidates are signed up to the platform, Circular Wave fills vacancies faster, is more convenient, more efficient and far cheaper.


What types of organisations can use Circular Wave?

Whilst the platorm was designed with healthcare in mind, it can be configured for any sector. Any organisation with a temporary staffing requirement will benefit from it, no matter how small or large.

Which staff groups can Circular Wave be used for?

Circular Wave can be used for any staff groups. Whether you intend to use it for hospital doctors, GPs, nurses, HCAs, ODPs, pharmacists, physiotherapists, technicians, IT specialists, secretaries - or in an entirely different sector - Circular Wave has you covered.

Where can I see a demo of Circular Wave?

Simply click here and we'll be in touch.


Not all Candidates have their own smartphone. Won’t they be at a disadvantage?

The number of healthcare staff who do not possess a smartphone is actually rather small and rapidly shrinking as they upgrade their devices. That said, the lack of a smartphone does not prevent an individual from registering with, and being informed of vacancies via Circular Wave - although they obviously need access to a device to register.

Upon registration new users enter their mobile telephone number and if they do not possess a smartphone they can subscribe to our SMS notification service.

<insert name of technophobe> definitely won’t use an app. They have trouble with the microwave.

We want using Circular Wave to be as easy and intuitive as the very best mobile apps - after all, even a 2 year-old can use an iPad. To this end, we constantly refine the experience based on user feedback. We test new functionality on groups of uninitiated users - any features that fail the “mother-in-law” test are reworked!

Where required we can run training sessions, but demand for these has been non-existent.


Getting our staff onto the app will be a significant burden for the HR department.

Not true - most of the work is done by the Candidates. See below.

What is the process for inviting Candidates?

This is done via our web app, either singly or in bulk.

Can we see how registration is progressing?

You are given oversight of all new registrations and can see progress toward completion. The platform sends automated reminders to Candidates who have not completed their profiles and / or compliance data, and will also notify you when a Candidate profile is ready for approval.


Do you screen candidates for compliance with the requirements of the mandatory NHS Employment Checks?

We provide the infrastructure and technology for candidates to create and maintain their own compliance profile within the app. This can be overseen by employers, and is fully auditable. Responsibility for checking compliance rests with the employing organisation.

How do we verify candidate compliance?

For your own bank staff, by definition they will already have undergone rigorous checks upon employment. When they register on Circular Wave, you can perform an abbreviated compliance check - all that needs to be done is to cross-check their profile with what you have on file.

External staff follow our rigorous full compliance process This is assisted by real-time checks against professional bodies (e.g. GMC, NMC, HCPC), UKVI, and DBS Update Service (if the candidate is registered).


What sort of data is transmitted to / from Circular Wave servers?

Job Request details (role, grade, speciality, shift times, hourly rates), Candidate details (name, role, grade, speciality), timesheets and survey answers.

Do we need to hold additional information about Candidates at our organisation to use Circular Wave?

No information will sit within your organisation, all data is held within the Circular Wave platform itself. All data is transferred to and from Circular Wave’s servers and the mobile apps installed on end-user mobile devices.

Is Circular Wave compliant with the Caldicott principles of Information Governance?

Yes, absolutely. We are registered as a data controller with ICO - see our contact page for our registration details.


What hardware is required in order to use Circular Wave?

Candidates install the app on their own mobile devices at zero cost to themselves and your organisation.

As far as your organisation is concerned, this depends on your local IT guidelines. No additional hardware is needed if your organisation implements a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy - the app is likewise installed on end-user mobile devices. For those Trusts not implementing a BYOD policy, all that is required is a few devices for use by the HR department / department managers.

What devices / mobile operating systems does Circular Wave run on?

Currently we support

  • Apple devices (iPhone / iPad) running iOS version > 7.0
  • Android devices (all types) running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above

Why don’t you support <operating system>?

The vast majority of mobile devices run iOS or Android so those are were the first operating systems we have targeted. The third-placed Windows Phone currently has less than 5% total market share, and even less than this amongst the healthcare worker subgroup. Market shares of the other mobile operating systems (e.g. Amazon Fire OS, Firefox OS) are much smaller.

Windows Phone support is on our roadmap.

Can we access Circular Wave via a desktop machine?

Yes - all employer-side functionality is provided via our web app. The only requirement is that you use a modern browser.

Do we need to make any security / firewall changes?

There should be no requirement for firewall changes - all traffic is over HTTPS (on standard port 443). Data is transferred over cellular networks or WiFi to Circular Wave’s servers.

Any website / content filtering software employed by Trusts should likewise not need any modification.

Is the data sent to Circular Wave’s servers encrypted?

The Circular Wave app communicates with our servers via industry standard HTTPS. All traffic to and from the mobile app is encrypted with 2048-bit certificates. In addition to this, the server has very granular permissions that restrict access based on user role. All unsecured requests, or those without the correct permissions, are rejected.

Do you integrate with <other software product>?

We expose APIs (Application Programming Interface) for all our functionality, and will integrate with any third party platform where required and permitted by the vendor.


Do you offer technical support?

Support is obtained right within the mobile and web app - this is by far the fastest way. Email and telephone support are available within office hours but have a slower turnaround time.

What time is technical support available?

Telephone support is available Monday to Friday between 0900 and 1700. We endeavour to respond to all email requests the same day (7 days a week).


Is there a charge to download the software?

No, it is and always will be free to download from the app stores.

Can we trial or pilot the product?

We almost insist upon it.

How do we stop using Circular Wave?

Simply get in touch - as soon as this happens we will revoke your access to the Platform within the desired timeframe.