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Frequently Asked Questions

1. We have a supplier we like already, so why switch to you?

Because we’re not an agency in disguise. We’re cost-effective (there's no fee to pay each time a vacancy is filled) and we put the power back in your hands.

2. How can we integrate with our systems without it being a huge, expensive faff?

Our support staff ‘are the nicest team I’ve worked with in the NHS’, and our product is really simple to use. It only takes a few hours to set up.

3. Why would we want to pay our bank staff weekly or daily?

Your staff will be happier and are more likely to fill your vacant shifts. Having more staff working when you need them means that patient care and safety are improved.

4. You’re just a private sector shark that’s too expensive…

We’re often less than half the cost of our rivals, and we’re an independent company that’s growing organically, and not backed by venture capitalists.

5. Who owns the data?

We understand how to strike a balance between protecting staff’s data and giving you oversight over the things you need to be compliant. It’s a tricky one but we think we’ve got the balance right – and we’re happy to talk you through how.

6. Why are you called Circular Wave?

We could say it’s because our solution is fluid, adaptable, and can overcome even the greatest barriers. That’s all true. The name, however, comes from our founder James’ great passion for surfing!

Contacting us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our FAQ or our practices.

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