Case Studies

We'll publish the results from our deployments here. Our results speak for themselves.

The Christie, Manchester

This small and innovative Trust is a specialist tertiary referral centre. Prior to implementation, overall agency spend was less than £1M per annum across all staff groups, including non-clinical staff.

Circular Wave implementation was commenced on a pilot basis in late 2015. For the pilot, the project team targetted a specific area of concern - junior doctors only, working in a limited selection of specialities within the Trust.


  • a steady increase in internal vacancy fill rate to 100% over 3 months - that means zero requirement for agency by the final month
  • a 34% reduction in agency spend in the study group over the period
  • an average saving of £112 per shift filled
  • Drastic reduction in the time to fill a vacancy - the quickest in 23 seconds!
  • a "highly significant" reduction in time spent sourcing temporary staff
  • overwhelmingly positive feedback from all groups using the platform - candidates and HR staff alike
  • total success of pilot despite targetting a staff group previously regarded as being "difficult to attract to bank work"

The volumes of shifts processed during the period were significantly lower than expected due to the success of permanent recruitment in key clinical areas, but this makes the results even more impressive. Unlike managed services - which are manpower heavy, expensive and thus only work in larger Trusts - Circular Wave can work for any size of Trust with any spend, and for any target group.

More information about the success of this pilot can be found on our blog.

We are very grateful to The Christie for the opportunity to trial a brand new technology in a live environment, and would like to thank all staff involved for getting behind the project.