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Resource Hub

Connecting the data, applications and services which support workforce management across an organisation

Resource Hub is a digital managed service which connects workforce deployment systems from different teams and providers to enable new ways of working, improve processes and provide organisation-wide workforce management.

We apply our digital and systems integration expertise to deliver a suite of standard and bespoke built integrations which unlock the many systems that contribute to workforce management across an organisation. It automates information transfers between systems so that from recruitment to agency management, health organisations can increase productivity and reduce unnecessary costs.

Resource Hub empowers health providers to use the best systems for each of their teams and workforce processes. It provides a central integration and reporting engine to connect each system which eliminates interface frictions between systems and provide holistic reporting. Our hub helps you to more efficiently manage your permanent, contingent or bank staff management functions to improve fill rates and the quality of candidates in an affordable way.

Key features

Integrate systems from different teams and providers

From recruitment to agency management, workforce processes require highly specialised systems to operate and improve. This needs to be flexible and for organisations to be able to choose the best system for their team’s requirements which can only be a provider from a competitive range of suppliers. This is especially important when considering future and unknown requirements and a future-proof IT network must be able to adapt and scale to remove, upgrade and add new systems. Resource Hub combines a suite of standard integration and bespoke built integrations to deliver a fully connected network of workforce systems at health organisations. We use our technology and healthcare expertise to manage integrations.

Automate and optimise processes

By implementing automate integration between systems, we improve the speed and consistancy of information transfered across the network. In practical terms, this eliminated the need to double-key information, use inadequate channel like email and Whatapp and removed adminstrative bottle-necks and mistakes. It means that gaps in rosters can be instantly released as bank shifts, and unfill bank shifts can be automaticaly released to agency. This helps organisations re-define their processes, cut out unnecessary steps and increase efficiency.

Provide organisation-wide management reporting

If you cant measure it, you can manage it. Resource Hub includes a highly configurable, real-time management reporting tool to manage workforce accross an organisations. The tool collates data from all providers in the system, standardises this data so that it can be analysed, and finally aggregates it so that organisations-wide insight can be gained. This information is be presented to organisation and gradular levels of stakeholders via interactive dashbaords and regualar reports. This is required for health providers moving to new ways of working such as demand planning model.

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Health providers using our apps

County Durham and Darlington Foundation Trust

Since 2018, we've been working with CDDFT to build and develop an agile workforce deployement system. For their staff bank of 600 doctors, managing 1000 shifts a month, and streamline their use of a LET bank and agency staff.
Learn more

The Priory Group

We partnered with The Priory Group to build a national staff bank of nurses and HCAs. This has seen them reduce agency usage by 60% and substantial financial savings whilst providign new insight into agency usage and recruitment requirements.

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