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Collaborative Platform

Enabling partnerships, networks and optimising the delivery of integrated care

Circular Wave’s Collaborative Platform facilitates the formation of partnerships, networks and integrated services within health and social care. It enables new ways of working, focused upon improving the health of the population and collaborative working.

We enable organisations to integrate and coordinate care and to work together across the health system as primary care, community and hospital providers. We connect services that have different business processes, policies and ways of working so that together they can provide better and more joined-up care. We support new integrated systems to drive change and transform the delivery of care.

Our Collaborative Platform supports you to optimise care by connecting your staff, teams and organisations through one interoperable digital and data-sharing platform. We enable you to streamline care pathways, improve workflow and reduce bureaucracy and costs by connecting your workforce applications whether they are yours, ours or from a third-party.

Key features

Enable integration between service providers

We connect services that have different business processes, policies and ways of working so that together they can provide better and more joined-up care. We support new integrated systems to overcome challenges such as making sense of their data to drive service redesign and the ability to manage and monitor delivery across a system so that it can drive change.

From sharing a workforce between care homes and hospitals, to aligning a multi-speciality team for patients’ care pathways, the Collaborative Platform enables the system-wide integration of previously separate workforce and the delivery of integrated care.

Facilitate multi-disciplinary care

Our Collaborative Platform supports care systems to work in new ways. This includes:

  • the increased provision of care services outside hospitals in the community and homes, as it enables staff to be rostered from across the system.
  • Staff can be employed by different organisations but work together to deliver the best patient outcome.
  • This is especially important for patients requiring multi-disciplinary care, a common situation which is crucial to improving the health of the population.

Shared workforce

Collaborative Platform enables the sharing of workforces between providers to reduce staff shortages. This means providers can maintain their independence whilst increasing their workforce supply. High quality staff can be provided via agreements with other providers. From personal details to compliance, the required data to ensure the best person is chosen for the job is shared seamlessly between providers.

We streamline the payment process between organisations to eliminate the administrative burden and standardise rates and terms, such as Collaborative Staff Banks.

Provide system-wide reporting

Our Collaborative Platform includes a highly configurable, real-time management reporting tool to manage integrated care networks. The tool collates data from all providers in the system, standardises this data so that it can be analysed, and finally aggregates it so that system-wide insight can be gained. Information can be presented at different granular levels depending on the stakeholders’ requirements.

This provides the reporting capability to effectively manage across a care system including financial and operational reports to support a collaborative operating model.

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Supporting the development of Integrated Care Systems

Integrating services between general practices, community services and hospitals in new operating models, is a challenge. It requires changing the current ways of working so that health and social care staff can work collaboratively to deliver optimal care. This new way of working creates challenges and opportunities for both individual providers as well as the development of new partnerships.

Integrated Care Systems (ICS) are designed to improve the provision of care through the collaboration of providers both horizontally and vertically. Increasingly hospitals trusts are forming horizontal partnerships and alliances such as the Nothern Care Alliance in Salford, while some providers are organising themselves vertically such as the new Dudley Integrated Care Partnership.

Whether vertical and horizontal integration, new channels of communication between each healthcare provider is now required. For Integrated care to be successful, providers will need to be able to utilise the scale and breadth of their existing technologies and build on and connect what they already have to deliver additional benefits and value. Circular Wave’s Collaborative Platform does exactly this enabling staff rosters of multidisciplinary teams built from different providers, to facilitating system wide HR process at scale , including recruitment, allocation and management of staff.

Our platform helps providers in Integrated Care Systems to function effectively and best allocate their collective resources to meet demand.

Health providers using our apps

County Durham and Darlington Foundation Trust

Since 2018, we've been working with CDDFT to build and develop an agile workforce deployement system. For their staff bank of 600 doctors, managing 1000 shifts a month, and streamline their use of a LET bank and agency staff.
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The Priory Group

We partnered with The Priory Group to build a national staff bank of nurses and HCAs. This has seen them reduce agency usage by 60% and substantial financial savings whilst providign new insight into agency usage and recruitment requirements.

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