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Partner with us - a very different approach

By James Shields - 10th Mar 2020
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Throughout this blog post, we’ll explain why our approach is different to other workforce management solutions for healthcare organisations, and why you will want to partner with us.

If you google “Healthcare workforce management” you will see there are a lot of us. We are similar because we all are Software as a Service providers that specialises in healthcare, to help organisations reduce their administrative burdens and increase utilisation of their workforce.

But we’re afraid that that’s where the similarities stop. Except we’re not sorry. We’ve worked exceptionally hard to ensure that we are different. And here’s how –

A very different approach

We take a very different approach to software provision because we don’t just provide for, we also partner with organisations. We work with them to develop and deliver the tools to solve their most complex or unique challenges enable their transformational change and future-proof their IT networks.

We do not provide a one-size-fits-all solution, as most other providers do. We do not believe in forcing organisations to fit their business processes around our platform. As partners, we collaborate to design, build and optimise a platform to facilitate their goals, working with other systems and stakeholders across all aspects of their workforce. And just like the best engineers, we incorporate flexibility into our builds, so that as our partner organisations flex and change, we do too.

How do we do it?

We believe that to truly work with an organisation, you have to understand it. We embed ourselves into our partners’ daily operations. We host regular workshops, sit on committees and are in daily contact to really understand how processes work, and more importantly, how they should work. We monitor and drive engagement with our platform, continuously iterating and improving it based on the feedback we receive from our workshops and daily contact. We do this because, even though it’s time-consuming, it’s imperative to providing continuous improvement to our partners.

Central to our approach is our state-of-the-art digital platform. This facilitates basic functionality such as sign-up, account management, notifications and other standard modules delivered via a mobile and web app as well as a suite of integrations. We help our partners configure their own sophisticated workflows, with our experts on-hand to build any additional sections or integrations. We leverage extensive technical capital to efficiently build these workflows.

Why do we do it?

We take this approach not only because it means we can maximise our impact and best support our partners, but also because it benefits us. We get a unique and real-time exposure to daily workforce challenges in a stimulating environment which encourages innovation. We actively seek such challenges, because without them we wouldn’t be best in class, and we’d be stood still in an ever-moving environment.

Our technical know-how and approach both speeds up delivery and de-risks everything we do. This means that if our partner organisation changes their mind to re-work a process, or a new challenge arises, our solution can be adapted in a matter of days or weeks, not months and years. In short, with the right preparations, Rome really can be built in a day.

What are the advantages to partnering with us?

  1. Solving unique issues only happens when you truly understand each other. Working in partnership creates a relationship where challenges can be understood and an optimal solution can be designed. If we don’t understand our partner organisations, their needs or their environment, we won’t design them the best product. And we won’t have that.
  2. Continuous improvement is an advantage of operating as development partners. User analytics enable our designers to optimise our partners’ workflows based on their feedback, so as time passes and needs change, our solutions are improved and tailored.
  3. Future proofing networks is as important as solving the challenges of today. We have to be prepared to solve future challenges and the great unknown, such as changes in working behaviours, NHS initiatives or a new supplier. It means that we’re invested in the long-term success of our partners and so we are careful to build scalable and adaptable solutions. This approach drives best practice in inter-operability and configurability because we know that we, and not someone else, will be responsible for upgrading the system next time. Our development partner approach means that both sides can adapt much faster and ensure that whatever changes happen, risks are limited and opportunities exploited.
  4. Leading in product development with bespoke tools designed based on the feedback we’re given form our partners users. Our development partnerships means that organisations no longer have to make-do with what’s available already, but can better understand their own needs and convey these to our designers.
  5. We offer a different payment model and guarantee R.o.I. Typically, “off the shelf” software involves an up-front price which organisations are stuck with for the length of the contract. However we charge on a subscription “pay as you go” basis, whereby our partners pay for the features they use and their number of users. This guarantees a return on their investment, as well as ensuring they don’t pay for solutions which fail. We believe this model keeps both partners invested in the success of the solution, with a drive to continuously develop, improve and retain engagement.

For all enquiries or to request a demo contact [email protected] or give us a call on 0333 987 4045.

James Shields

CEO - Circular Wave

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