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5 ways we transform your Covid-19 vaccination clinic

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For the past 5 years, we’ve been supporting the NHS with agile workforce deployment solutions to solve the toughest healthcare problems. Far more than a rostering system and no "agency in disguise", we empower providers to facilitate truly collaborative staff management processes and work with providers every-step of the way to ensure their continued development. 

Primary Care is the bedrock of the NHS and the success of the community Covid-19 vaccination programme is down to the relentless hard work and professionalism of every Clinical Director, Practice Manager, Nurse, General Practitioner, Paramedic, Student, Volunteer, Pharmacist, military personal (I could go on...) involved.

The PCN Hub is now supporting 10 vaccination clinics across the country and we’re confident we can help you. Here are 5 ways in which our digital platform can transform your PCN and Covid-19 vaccination clinic.

1. Seamlessly manage staff from all practices, PCNs and the wider network

Staff are being pooled from across general practice, PCNs, GP Federations and beyond to contribute to the Covid-19 vax programme. This unprecedented level of collaboration is amazing but does need managing. The PCN Hub gets staff from all across the network onto the same system, irrespective of employer, role or contract type so they can be managed (and paid) effectively.

2. Better support practices

All our services are designed from the bottom-up. That means we support individual practices as well as we do their PCN, GP Fed or wider healthcare system. Our onboarding, compliance, training, rostering, payroll and financial reconciliation services provide hours of savings to Practice Managers and Clinical Directors so they are more efficient, resilient and confident in their ability to deliver services. 

3. Monitor staff health and wellbeing

NHS staff burn-out is a major concern of the pandemic and general practice is no different. With our health and wellbeing service, you can monitor your staffs' wellbeing in real-time to help you identity and address issues before its too late.  

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4. New insight and management reporting

  Accurate and reliable information is crucial when providing a critical, high volume and unpredictable services like the Covid-19 vax programmes. With real-time and regular reporting you have total visibility across all your staff, teams, clinics and sites so you can inform decisions when you need to. 

5. Streamline compliance, training and e-learning management

Our compliance and training services mean you can ensure all your staff have all the statutory and mandatory learning requirements completed, up-to-date and evidenced. This is done through our self-serve staff app which reminds (and enforces) staff to evidence their training requirements. Everything is then stored on the system and you never have to send another chasing email again. 

To see this in action and to make the switch today, contact us at [email protected] or 0333 987 4045

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